Happy Thanksgiving

We’re fans of eating in this household. (Who’s not?)

But we’ve had to go gluten free for our little Miss T and it adds another layer of anxiety to the whole meal. Yes, yes, I’m a fan of eating paleo and used to eat paleo completely. I am trying to get back to that but in the meantime, I certainly haven’t been hard core about that way of eating for the rest of the family.

Now, though, with Miss T’s gluten intolerance (constant tummy aches, skin bumps and hair on her cute little head that doesn’t grow), we have to be more vigilant.

Did you know that most gravy has gluten? And of course stuffing is a whole ‘nother ballgame. No rolls for us, thank you very much.

So we’re going paleo – even with the pumpkin pie. And I’m happy to report that the pie turned out great and I’m excited for my family to try it out.