Health & Wellness Site

So Mr. S is pretty excited about his new health and wellness business. And so am I. He’s looking and feeling great and I am now down 7.5 pounds and am uber HAPPY!!

Mr. S came up with his business name and then I went and bought the domain name for it. You’d think I had all this website stuff down by now but I usually had a lot of it done for me, with me just concentrating on the writing side. But I’ve been wanting to learn more of the backend aspect of putting up WordPress themes, finding (and using) the right plugins and so on. (If you think I’m typing gibberish right now, that’s okay…it was all gibberish to me at one point as well).

So we’ve got his business site up and running and have some articles on it. We plan to add much, much more. If you have a moment, I’d love for you to check it out over at Mind Body Time.

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