Miracle Girl Turns Two! 2

 Miss T is indeed our miracle girl. And today she turns 2 years old.

There was a time when we didn’t think she would ever exist.

Mr. S and I were told by a supposed “expert” that we would never get pregnant. That we would have to go for  IVF if we ever wanted a child together.

We’ve actually been pregnant five times since that stupid expert told us that. (Yes, there are times I want to go over to said expert’s office and blow a raspberry in her face).

Yes, five times. And one baby. In fact, I’ve been pregnant 8 times in this lifetime and I have two living children to show for it. And while that’s sad, we like to concentrate on the awesome kids that are here (though I do like to think I have a bunch of kids waiting for me up in heaven to meet some day).

I remember when I first saw Miss T’s heartbeat. It was surreal.

I also remember being so scared she wouldn’t make it. But she did.

I remember the day she arrived, two years ago. And she was just the most precious thing. A head of dark hair (yes, DARK hair which all fell out and now you can see the crazy hair we have now).

Miss T is just awesome. And yes, as her mom I suppose I am a bit biased. But really, she’s all this crazy fun and super smart sassiness in a two year old body. It’s just amazing.

Every day I thank God for her and her brother D. They are both the lights of my life.

God is good.

2 thoughts on “Miracle Girl Turns Two!

  1. Reply Shawn Feb 25,2013 11:24 am

    Hi – Miss T & I share the same birthday! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

    We also have a lovely daughter that is our miracle. She is lovely, sweet, kind hearted, sassy & she also has Down syndrome. She is amazing in every way.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Reply Tina Mar 8,2013 1:54 pm

    I hope you had an awesome birthday, Shawn! Give your little sweetie miracle girl hugs from me and Miss T. :) -Tina

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