Soaking It In

Sometimes a new place, a new adventure, can really get your creative juices flowing.

We were lucky enough to be able to attend a taping of Fuller House in Burbank last week. It was a blast. And the tour of the Warner Brothers Studios lot was really cool.

I lived in Los Angeles years ago and the world of TV and movies isn’t foreign to me. My neighbors were involved (isn’t just about everyone in LA connected to the whole Hollywood thing in one way or another??) But it was a neat refresher. Everywhere you turn there is someone, something, to look at and admire the creativity going on. (Okay, maybe not on Hollywood Blvd – that has become even grimier than I remember from 20 years ago).

All in all, a good visit and the kids had a blast. They had no idea how sitcoms were made with a live audience while taping. It was an experience they will never forget.

And for me, it makes me want to whip out the laptop and write some more!