Book Series

Rim Country Cozy Mysteries

Trish is a born and bred Rim Country gal. From her flashy boots to her strawberry blond highlights. She owns Trish's Mercantile on Main Street and tries to keep her 13 year old son Tyler out of trouble in this quiet town. Except quiet towns are often full of secrets. Trish is about to find out that her town has more than its fair share.

Book Series

Rim Country Edgy Mysteries

After a near death experience, Maya Patterson has had enough. Enough of the niceties and bullshit in life. She starts making a name for herself with her "Turn Your Shitty Life Around" coaching tactics and her new book on cutting off toxic family members. She never realized that her advice could turn into a deadly fight to save her family.

Book series

Moms Ghost Club

Four moms - Bree, Tasha, Liesel and Martina - discover they all have paranormal abilities. Good things, because they're going to need all the help they can get when a Makeup Maven is murdered and one of their own stands accused.