Hey, How You Doin’?

Oh the irony. I’m a writer and yet don’t even write blog posts. At least, not regularly. I’m still working on that whole life/work balance thing. Some days are better than others.

Beyond the daily laundry, dishes in the sink and the picking up of socks from pretty much everywhere, I have been brushing up on author marketing, various software programs for writers (Scrivener, you make me want to kiss you and slap you at the same time) and then plotting out three different mystery series.

The Rim Country Cozy Mysteries – Trish is the owner of a local consignment store in the small AZ mountain area called Rim Country. In Book One, Trish finds herself in danger when the Homecoming Court of 20 years prior starts dropping like flies before the big Back to the Future Homecoming event.

The Rim Country Edgy Mysteries – Maya is Trish’s best friend, a life coach with an opinion about everything. Her debut book – The Healthy Breakup: How to Cut Toxic Family Members Out of Your Life – is quickly gaining traction with readers. But it also leads to a death of one of her clients, and soon Maya realizes that there is a price to pay for coaching others to change their lives.

The Moms Ghost Club series – Bree, Tasha, Liesel and Martina realize that they each have otherworldly abilities, which come in handy as they become embroiled in a mystery that threatens the freedom of one of their own.