This Week’s Word Count – 3 March

Umm…yeah…I’m going to be re-working my deadlines. In all reality, those deadlines I gave myself are not realistic. Not with current familial and household duties. (Ooh, doesn’t that sound very formal?)

I’m not one to drive myself into the ground with crazy hours. I’ve done that in the past and honestly, my health is more important than my books. (Blasphemy!! is what some of you may be thinking). When you have autoimmune issues and you’ve been at the doors of death not once, but twice, hitting word counts isn’t as important. Not as health. No way, Jose.

So, the next post will actually be a re-working of those deadlines. I will still be pushing myself. But at a more realistic pace.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten a little work done on Rim Country Rivals. My current word count is 11,179.