Oh so shameful that I have failed to keep up with my word count updates. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been a slacker! I’ve been working on a few different projects.

1 – Still focusing on the first Rim Country Cozy – Rim Country Rivals. Some days are more prolific than others. I felt like I was stuck on the Homecoming parade scene FOREVER.

2 – I’ve been whipping up some journals. So far, the ones I’ve published are blank, dot grid (bullet style) 200 page journals. But I will soon be publishing some writing prompt journals and workbooks, and some other writing-centric journals.

3 – Probably most important (and most fun!), I’ve been collaborating with my daughter. We’re working on a series of children’s rhyming books. We obtained the commercial use license of some gorgeous watercolor illustrations / clip art, and then I arrange the clip art in various “scenes.” We go over the story line together and then work out the text. Until now, I had no idea how difficult rhyming can be at times!!