All Those Holiday Warm Fuzzies

Hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) and you’re looking forward to 2019.

Ours was great. Nice and quiet. Home. Husband. Kids. Dogs. Just like I like it.

2018 has been rough. No doubt about it. I won’t say I’m glad to see it leave. Even in my grief, I find hope and love. So I never want to discredit even the crappiest parts of the year.

During the holidays, especially, I reflect upon what was, and what wasn’t. And I thank God I am alive and that I have my loving family around me. I am blessed.

I’m working through my 2019 goals and I won’t be done by New Year’s Day. And that’s okay. I don’t want to make it a race. This isn’t about cranking out those resolutions so I can hit the ground running. This is about prayerfully and thoughtfully considering where life should be headed – both personally and professionally.

When I think back on 2018 I will always think of our son and our loss. I will think about how his loss has brought me closer to God. And that I feel more at peace and filled with blessings than I ever have. As the year is coming to a close, I know that I will continue on with an attitude of gratitude and continue to have hope. Always, hope.