Happy 2019

We started the new year out as a Winter Wonderland. Snow (much more than anticipated) blew in on New Year’s Eve and everyone freaked out. Well, not everyone. We were totally chill. Haha!!

Really, though… We were able to get a few errands run before the snowflakes really started piling up. And then we hit the park with Miss T while it was still snowing so we could take her sledding. It was pretty much her first time. And it was cute! Perfect snow. Perfect little girl. Perfect moment.

New Year’s Day was white and beautiful. We played in the snow. We rested. We reflected.

Just as I guessed in my last post of 2018, I am not done with my goal setting. Here it is, the 7th, and I’m still working on those goals. When I feel that twinge of anxiety, like, “Why aren’t these done already – I should be training for that 5k” or “I’m already behind and the year has barely begun!” I remember that 2019 isn’t going anywhere. It’s here. Just one week in. And I want to take the time to make sure my goals make sense, that they are specific and measurable and – most importantly – are God-led.

I’m looking forward to the year. I’m looking forward to writing. Writing more often. Writing more books. Publishing. And then hitting that repeat button to do it over again.

This is the year I treat writing as a business, not a hobby. I set smart goals and I pray. Pray often.