It’s Officially Summer

Summer is officially here. Yeah, yeah, not according to the calendar.

The first day of “real” or actual summer is June 21st. But here we consider it Summer when the kids are out of school and controlled chaos reigns.

Summer means a little more sleeping in. More sibling squabbles. And a couple of road trips here and there.

I may not get as much writing done as I’d like, but that’s okay. Some day, before I want to even realize it, Summer won’t mean the same thing as now. There won’t be kids asking for food throughout the day. Asking to go to the movies or walk to the park. They will be grown and out of the house and it will be me, Mr. S and the dogs. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it will be different. Less chaotic.

I’ll read more then. Write more then.

For now, I’ll let the kids (and Summer) distract me a bit.