What I’m Reading Wednesday – 23 May

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t always have time to read. I’m writing. I’m watching marketing videos. I’m cleaning the house. I’m making meals. I’m doing laundry (yuck! Hate that chore!) You get the idea.

But while I love to read, for me it’s not just a hobby. It’s homework. So I have to find the time to read. I read both nonfiction (everything from how-to’s on writing to self-help stuff) and fiction. The homework part is when I read mysteries. I pay attention to how far I am into the book before some murder and mayhem ensues. I look at the writing style. I pay attention to the details and dialogue.

Recently, my homework have involved cozy mysteries. What makes them “cozy?” They are usually clean – no gratuitous violence, sex or language. Just a good ol’ mystery to enjoy.

Here’s what I’m reading as of today: Murder and Marble Cake,  Book 1 in the Comfort Cake cozy mystery series written by Nancy McGovern. The main character, Rachel, is your typical fish out of water. She heads to her late aunt’s town to her newly inherited house and bakery. A murder takes place early on (yay for quick action!) and Rachel is the prime suspect.

The book is fun, well-written and so far, quickly paced. I’m liking it!

Do you like to read cozy mysteries?