This Week’s Word Count – 10 Feb

This week has been a productive one…but not for my word count. I’ve been busy with others things. But I have started setting my first draft deadlines and anticipated publication dates. I work much better with set deadlines, so while they may sound like I’m pushing it, I work better under pressure. Even when it’s self-imposed. 😉

Non-fiction: 1st draft – 25 FEB; Anticipated release date – 16 APR

Rim Country Rivals: 1st draft – 17 MAR; Anticipated release date – 4 JUNE

The Burn Letter: 1st draft – 11 APR; Anticipated release date – 1 MAY

I’ve set my paranormal cozy mystery series on the backburner while I concentrate on the books above. I also have the next three Rim Country cozies planned out.

Rim Country Recall: 1st draft – 27 MAY; Anticipated Release date – 2 JULY

Rim Country Ranch: 1st draft – 27 JUNE; Anticipated Release date – 6 AUG

Rim Country Riptide: 1st draft – 5 AUG; Anticipated Release date – 3 SEPT